2 Year Old Birthday Pics

Oh my heavens. How can any mother possibly describe how quickly their kids grow?? Sammy has been part of our family for 2 whole years now and we have treasured every moment! Even the ones that make us want to pull out our hair lol. I feel absolutely certain that there is not another person, in this lifetime or the next, that could possibly love him as much as I do :) . He truly is so beautiful. So strong willed. So sensitive. So defiant. So sweet. So smart. So powerful. So funny. So curious. So loud. So tender. He requires 110% patience from me at all times and I am certain that my hair will be completely gray by the time he is 3 :) . He is at the age where he is mimicking everything he hears and sees. One of his new phrases is, “oh, sorry!” lol because I say that to him, in a variety of situations, like if I accidentally bump him when I am trying to walk by. I guess I didn’t realize how often I say it because he now says it constantly. He also has just started saying, with so much drama, “Gosh Dang It!” LOL. That one makes me laugh so hard. I don’t know who that came from, me or Jared. He is also loving picking up stuffed animals and rocking them gently, like I do to Brock, and whispering, “shhh, shhh, shhh. It’s ok. shhh shhh shhh”. He does this while softly patting their back with one hand lol. It is so cute. That is, until his brutal side starts to take over and he clenches his jaw and throws the animal across the room as hard as he can :( . THAT, I don’t do to Brock lol. His facial expressions just kill me. They are so earnest and adorable. The kid won’t let me anywhere near him with a camera so to mark 2 years on the planet, we had a very talented friend, Jeni Boston, take some pictures of him. We can’t imagine our lives without him! He is absolutely wonderful!! :)

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